Cling 43


A dream come true

Cling 43 S.L company is located in Deltebre, in the neighborhood of Jesús y Maria. Cling 43 S.L is made up of 2 young entrepreneurs whose wish is that the Ebro Delta is the refuge of all those who want to disconnect from the routine.

This company are from the dream of these two young people. Antonio and Llúcia. They wanted everyone to visit their land, find a place where to find oneself. The road was not easy, until they found a “Business Angel”. Once found, they put their hands on the work.

These two dreamers are: Lucia is a very sociable and restless 34-year-old girl, where sport, nature, the environment, outdoors, gastronomy … fill their lives. And Antonio, 36, is a very happy and kind boy whose life is formed by friends, family, sports and music, which is his passion. The chosen house was a centennial house in their neighborhood.

This house had an enchanting and  charm, which meant that when you enter it, you would become your heart. That is why everyone who lodges in it finds the simple and historical details that the hosts wanted to preserve and feeling. Once the house had been reborn, it was important to find the right name for her.

The tradition has been to put, “Casa Colom” name that corresponds to the street. But they did not find it suited to the business philosophy they carried.

That’s why the name “Cling 43” arose. Cling 43 means “Crashing into a place.” Its meaning in angles is:

CLING: 1 (= hold on) (to person) stick (to a); (affectionately) hold on, hold on (to a); (to rope) hold on (to a, de); (to belief, opinion) hold on, keep faithful (to a) They clung to one another did not come out of their hugs 2 (= stay close) (to friend, mother etc) do not separate (to of) to cling together (fig) do not split (not a moment).


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