Marca Llúcia Castaño Sommelier

Llúcia Castaño Sommelier ( pairing)

Our hostess at Hostal Cling 43 B&B, presents her personal brand for wine and sparking wine tasting, Llúcia Castaño Sommelier.

His unique way of pairing a drink with a meal, is what has shaped his new job. That’s why I needed a new image to make the Delta and Terres de l’Ebre known.

The company chosen to design the brand is @vertexcomunicació. Her way of working and her professionalism in people, have made her a winner.

The concept of the logo is the abstraction of moving wine reminiscent in the glass of wine. When you decide to make a tasting in it you learn to observe the different textures and shades of wine in the glass. The different degradation colors wine, it can have (white, rosé and red).

And finally, you learn to shake the glass in a circular way and you understand that it is necessary to delight the nose with the different aromas of the olfactory phase of the tasting.

We can finally understand his devotion to the land where he lives. She loves him very much and is marked by her origins, the Ebro Delta. Specifically from the village of Deltebre and all its dreamy corners (the tip of the mud where it inspires loneliness, the Lighthouse that illuminates its path, the beach of Trabucador where you fly with the wind without moving from the place).

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