Eco Tourism to the Delta.

Sustainable tourism, holiday leisure and energy saving in perfect harmony

Committing to sustainable tourism is a task that, beyond allowing us to reduce damage to the planet, can fill us with positive energies and make us feel more committed to the subject. The truth is that, to enjoy all those spaces that we love to go to during the holidays or as an excuse to get away from city stress, it is important to take care of and preserve nature, but if, in addition to this, we manage to save energy, we will definitely be killing two birds with one stone. In matters as basic as contracting gas for the lodging of a vacation home or using light bulbs with energy saving systems, we can apply mechanisms that allow us to reduce pollution in the spaces we visit.

A good tip to do this is to call the user service of the energy provider that is available in the area you will visit. For example, most vacation homes have rates designed to ensure energy supply during the stay of guests. Services such as Iberdrola’s customer service or that of any other company can provide you with detailed information on the costs of their rates so that you can adjust your consumption while you use it during your holidays.

Additionally, you can inform your family and people who come to your vacation about your intention to preserve natural spaces, so they should use biodegradable tools, have bags for waste and even just use light for specific issues, and Cling hostel 43 is a good example to follow.

Hiring the cheapest gas before the holidays can help you save and take care of the environment

Generally, gas companies have rates available to supply this resource on specific days. The recommendation to contract gas correctly is to know its costs thoroughly and use it sparingly to avoid paying too much on the bill after contracting for gas.

You can also reserve the use of gas for heating appliances that require this resource to function and carry out activities such as cooking with other less harmful fuels, such as pieces of dry trees or even their fallen leaves, for example.

Use the customer service system to make your trip more sustainable

The energy companies have put their best efforts to ensure that their users consume the least amount of fuel possible, which is why they have specialized education systems on the subject for their users where they offer support materials to lead a more efficient and friendly life. with the planet.

Using the customer service system of the energy provider of your choice during your trip is a great way to learn about some tools or methods to control and reduce environmental pollution. You can use from the app for customers that Iberdrola or Endesa has or even the telephone service that is always free at Holaluz, EDP and the aforementioned Iberdrola .

Of course there are other customer service companies from energy companies, they are:

  • Websites.
  • Customer service offices

Learn more about sustainable vacations

Here you will find more data and information about sustainable vacation methods that you surely did not imagine and you will not want to miss.

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