Pairing sensation

Pairing sensation

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We pairing your evening or celebration in your home or in an unexpected place in the Delta.

In this experience they will taste 2 cold tapas, 1 hot plate and a dessert with their corresponding wines or drinks, they can be of proximity or of the world.

Let your imagination fly and be transported to unusual cuisines, also meetings to get to know other cultures, other foods, drinks and sensations.

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Pairing different sensations with textures and flavors.

We come wherever you are, and we will enjoy a lunch or dinner where wines and food are the protagonists.

In this tasting we can find contrasts and / or affinities to awaken new sensations.

This experience must be on request of a minimum of 10 pax, or when it is done at the Hostal Cling 43 in Deltebre.

Contact us for more information and to be able to make a harmony of sensations to your taste.


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