Covid 19 in Deltebre

The Crown virus ( covid19) has arrived in the world and it has arrived to stay.

Within the evil he is doing, he has awakened to us values ​​that had hidden (recycle, take care of nature, enjoy leisure time, time with family …). Values, that since we opened our Hostel Cling 43 in 2014, we have always carried them out.

Our philosophy was and are these values, the traditions and the customs of our people.

Customs and traditions such as helping parents in the vegetable garden, “the garriga”, the animals, in the house and always in the strong family, where they have conveyed the importance of living and experiencing everything around us.

Foto de l’exterior del Hostal Cling 43 a Deltebre

The Covid 19 pandemic has arrived, and in Deltebre as in the rest of Catalonia, it has touched us.

We can say that from this virus we will save strong, active people and as we call those who are “brave”.

Therefore, Hostal Cling 43 will be CLOSED for high force up to new alerts according to Spain.

Being at home we have been reminded of the fortunate that we are remembering the values ​​of our ancestors, so that we have food and can live, without abusing consumerism that has caused most of the effects of climate change.

Then I leave a poem by @ By_SamantaLaMala_82, which has given me the courage to endure this situation that we are experiencing:

You arrived,
everything in your path
You wanted to see me
defeated, however
I am here,
in front of you
show you that
I'm still standing,
to win
this battle.
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